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Low latency is our business. Get connected as directly as possible with our global locations and high-speed routing.

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Around the world

You can explore the world from the i3D.net network. Minimize your latency and packet loss thanks to a privately-owned network dedicated to building direct routes wherever possible. 

Hand-picked locations

On average, we add 5 new Points of Presence (PoP) every year. We have 60+ strategically selected locations across 6 continents, reaching local regions with the lowest round-trip latency. We are present both in the most densely interconnected hubs in the world, and even less connected exotic regions.

Local importance

Our numerous Points of Presence provide opportunities for direct peering relationships, unlocking strategic agreements with both local ISPs and the larger global Tier 1 network providers. You can find out more about our peering relationships here: PeeringDB. 

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Global low-latency network (AS49544)

Our 23+ Tbps network capacity will grow your IT infrastructure at unparalleled speed. We have 100Gbit lines spanning across Europe, United States, and soon the Asia-Pacific. Our backbone spans the globe to peer directly with ISPs in every region. We control quality by bringing traffic on our backbone to your servers within the fewest network hops possible.

Outstanding network operations

Looking glass

Check out the Looking Glass to find transparent information about i3D.net’s backbone routing and network efficiency. It allows you to perform multiple tests to track a packet through our network to a specific location.

i3D.net network looking glass
i3D.net connectivity and peering relationships

9000+ direct peering relationships

Thanks to our unique and direct peering relationships, we can reach nearly all of the local ISPs’ “eyeballs” without using transit providers. By connecting to 100+ Internet Exchanges (IXPs) all around the world, we reach eyeball networks with ultra-low latency, flexibility and the needed capacity. To learn more about our reach and connectivity, visit our location page. For peering with i3D.net, visit our peering page. 

BGP Communities

i3D.net operates a global backbone network with a tier-1 grade BGP Community system. Our BGP communities include Informational BGP Communities and Action BGP Communities, which give our customers full control to engineer their traffic and to modify their routing. Visit our BGP Communities page to find a detailed list of BGP Community documentation. 

i3D.net BGP communities
i3D.net MyTraceroute (MTR)


By performing MyTraceroute (MTR) tests you are able to collect a huge pool of data that allows you to troubleshoot the network through statistical insights, answering the “where?” and “why?” of possible network hiccups. Utilize the MTR tool to understand the quality of i3D.net’s routes toward its various Points of Presence. 

Anti-DDoS solution

Shielding your operations from the threat of DDoS means building protection into the infrastructure itself. Our Anti-DDoS Solution: GLAD takes advantage of i3D.net’s extensive global network to block attacks at the edge. Our sophisticated protection uses unique methods to restrict untrustworthy IPs in advance and block the source of the attacks as they come in.

Find out more about GLAD in our Anti-DDoS Solution page. 

Our locations

  • Our network is always growing. With an average of 5 new Points-of-Presence added every year, and by peering directly with a score of carefully chosen Local ISP’s, we provide a direct highway to your users. Create an immersive online experience. Save yourself costs, and your users time. Read more
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